Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tuppa Anyone?

It's time to pull out those Tupperware replacements because I'm havin' a party!!!

On Wednesday 24 June from 7.30pm at my home in Westleigh (NW suburban Sydney).


Each attendee receives a hand-made card or novelty from me

And the lovely Tuppa Lady, Cath,

will be making something with chocolate

If you could let me know if you can make it by Monday night before = 22 June (phone 0402 347 010 or email me), that'd be great.

Please feel free to extend this invitation to your friends. All welcome.

And if you can't come along, you're very welcome to browse the catalogue and place an order. Just let me know and I'll arrange a printed catalogue for you.

For a peek of what's on offer, have a look at the latest product range.

Thanks for reading. I'll make a craft-related post next, promise!

Love from Crafty Kim