Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas Punch Art Cards

Here are the cards that we made my Christmas Punch Art card class earlier this month. My favourite would be the polar bears, so cute! This isn't my original idea - there are some very creative punch artists out there who magically turn punchies into card features. These polar bears are popping up all over the place and I couldn't find where they were born :(

Next up is the Christmas tree:

This was made by layering pieces of paper which have been edged with a lacy border punch. These lacy border punches really are so versatile and useful (earlier this year I used one to create a flower, click HERE to look again).

Another cute card, the reindeer here from punch guru, Debra Clarke:

I have to say I'm loving the grass edge border punch; very useful.

And the last quick one at the end of the night is Santa, original punch art designed by Ros Davidson:

Thanks for visiting.

Love from Crafty Kim

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Card for Grandpère

Here's the card we gave my father-in-law, Lex, for Father's Day recently. The design was inspired by Kendall Joyce and it uses a technique called Faux Tiling. I've done some other "tiled" cards in the past, click here to view.

We celebrated Father's Day this year with a trip to the footy, to watch Sydney Swans play Carlton. It was good game, full of suspense, with Sydney just beating Carlton in the last few minutes.

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Love from Crafty Kim

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Tooth Fairy's Been Visiting

Ashley has been later to lose his top two teeth compared with many of his peers. The dentist says this isn't a bad thing because the older kids are when their adult teeth come through, the more likely they are to look after them well. But Ashley was very excited to finally feel his top teeth wiggling. I was less thrilled; more evidence that he's growing up and in a few blinks, he'll be an adult.

Without much fuss the teeth were soon gone leaving "the gap":

I thought I would make this card to mark and celebrate the occasion. The tooth fairy paid his visit too, although in our house, he's quite frugal ;)

It's not a great photo thanks to being taken late at night but there is glitter on the fairy's wings. I wanted to use a star embossing folder for the red panel but alas, none in stock, so I approximated it by punching stars in the same card colour and gluing them down. As with most punch art, it was fiddly and I ended up with glue in unwanted places but no matter.

I'm enjoying Ashley's toothless smile while it lasts. Thanks for visiting.

Love from Crafty Kim

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cards Inspired By Nature

Here are the cards I taught last month (has a whole month passed? Surely not!). You may remember I have a real thing for trees, birds, flowers and leaves and these cards are part of this current interest of mine.

First the trees:

I thought the lattice border punch made it appear as if the viewer was standing in front of a fence looking into a field.

And here's the birthday owl:

I was pretty impressed with myself for combining two embossing folders on one sheet of cardboard (not too often I have a new idea). I took the design of the stamp (branch at bottom, dots on party hat) and chose embossing folders to suit. The join of course is hidden by the ribbon, not that I need an excuse to use ribbon.

And lastly, made especially with my friend Dianne in mind, the flower:

I used die cuts made from tissue paper to make the flower and then had an attempt at something approaching shabby chic/vintage, a style that doesn't come easily to me at all. But I was content with it for a first go. That was until Dianne did the class and made an even nicer flower on her first attempt (from the same materials as mine). Humff. I'll see if she'll share her flower with you when I get a spare minute. I also used black tea to tint my lacy ribbon from white to cream, worked out well for future reference.

Thanks for looking,

Love from Crafty Kim

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew

One month and one day after my birthday, a friend celebrated his birthday. I made the above card for him using papers in some of my favourite colours and punches. Lots of sticking-down but apart from that it was very easy and I was chuffed with the end result. Another great way to use paper scraps (click here and here for other ideas).

We had a good night out at Gourmet Pizza Kitchen followed by a memorable walk through a construction zone (don't ask). I was a bit slow to capture the moment with my camera and he wasn't keen to pose so this is the only photo I managed to get:

I've been a very good blogger lately; still more cards to share so pop back when you can. And check out my links (on the right, down) which I've updated - lots of eye candy there.

Love from Crafty Kim

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look out for Legacy Today

Regardless of your stance on war, please consider supporting Legacy which cares for the families of deceased war veterans. Volunteers will be selling pins today to fundraise for the cause but if you don't happen upon one of these, Telstra is donating $1 for every "Legacy" text message sent to 0447 877 678 during legacy week (ends midnight 10 September 2010). To find out more, please click on the image above.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

Love from Crafty Kim