Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas Punch Art Cards

Here are the cards that we made my Christmas Punch Art card class earlier this month. My favourite would be the polar bears, so cute! This isn't my original idea - there are some very creative punch artists out there who magically turn punchies into card features. These polar bears are popping up all over the place and I couldn't find where they were born :(

Next up is the Christmas tree:

This was made by layering pieces of paper which have been edged with a lacy border punch. These lacy border punches really are so versatile and useful (earlier this year I used one to create a flower, click HERE to look again).

Another cute card, the reindeer here from punch guru, Debra Clarke:

I have to say I'm loving the grass edge border punch; very useful.

And the last quick one at the end of the night is Santa, original punch art designed by Ros Davidson:

Thanks for visiting.

Love from Crafty Kim


Julie said...

Hey Kim, these are soo cool. Love the Polar Bears, haven't seen them before. Jules

Anonymous said...

Your cards are absolutely adorable! I am a 'paper nut' and will be copying one or two or all
of these this coming season. Thanks for sharing!
Charlotte from AZ