Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Tooth Fairy's Been Visiting

Ashley has been later to lose his top two teeth compared with many of his peers. The dentist says this isn't a bad thing because the older kids are when their adult teeth come through, the more likely they are to look after them well. But Ashley was very excited to finally feel his top teeth wiggling. I was less thrilled; more evidence that he's growing up and in a few blinks, he'll be an adult.

Without much fuss the teeth were soon gone leaving "the gap":

I thought I would make this card to mark and celebrate the occasion. The tooth fairy paid his visit too, although in our house, he's quite frugal ;)

It's not a great photo thanks to being taken late at night but there is glitter on the fairy's wings. I wanted to use a star embossing folder for the red panel but alas, none in stock, so I approximated it by punching stars in the same card colour and gluing them down. As with most punch art, it was fiddly and I ended up with glue in unwanted places but no matter.

I'm enjoying Ashley's toothless smile while it lasts. Thanks for visiting.

Love from Crafty Kim


Anonymous said...

kim he's so cute

Teneale said...

Hi Kim,

Wow he has grown up! what a cute photo I must day. All your cards are looking great. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Have a lovely weekend.

Teneale :)

Teneale said...

.....that should be...

I must SAY not day! sorry


Lynda said...

Snaps to you Kim. I have a Miss 6 who looks exactly the same now as of last we have the song "All I want for Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth" going round our heads. He looks so adorable.