Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot Chocolate

Well Spring is upon us in the southern hemisphere so I'm a bit late posting this wintery card which I made for the occasion of my friend Leanne's birthday. Leanne really feels the cold and has endured a chilly winter while her home has been renovated (meaning part of the house was open to the elements and no central heating). She also loves hot chocolate (like me, she drinks neither tea or coffee).

So this image was perfect for her card. In keeping with hot chocolate, I used cocoa and chocolate coloured paper and card. The pink was only chosen because it goes well with brown and the blue, hmmm, it must have been to go with the jeans.

Anyway, hope you have a warm and sunny day tomorrow whatever the weather is.

Love from Crafty Kim

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swimming Congratulations

A small deal in the overall scheme of life but my son Ashley started at a new school this year which is fortunate to have its own aquatic centre. He'd been enjoying learn-to-swim lessons at a local swim centre but for the sake of convenience and consistency, it was decided to move his lessons to the school's facility.

His school's approach to swimming instruction differs from his past teaching so he's taken some time to progress from the class level he was originally assessed at. He's watched quite a few of his class mates get promoted while he's stayed put. There's been some comments along the lines of "they're so fussy Mum" and "it's no fun" and I've wondered whether I made the wrong choice. But to his credit, Ashley has stuck it out and after nearly three school terms, he's been promoted to the "Goldfish" class.

So I made this little card for Ashley very quickly late at night. It's super simple but I was really happy with it, especially when so little time and thought went into it. If you have any questions about the card, please email me or leave a comment.

Anyway, thanks for enduring my proud mother moment.

Love from Crafty Kim

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bon Voyage Maria

A friend of mine is off to Europe for a well-deserved break and a reunion with her daughter who is currently on a working holiday. I made this card to wish her well in her travels.

I've got a thing for VW vans and the "flower-power" design also appealed. I followed a sketch design and wasn't sure about rotating the van?

If you have any questions about the card, please email me or leave a comment.

Hope you're having a groovy weekend.

Love from Crafty Kim

Friday, August 13, 2010

Helping Hudson

What is Helping Hudson? It's a group of stampers who are raising funds for a little boy named Hudson. A KidWalk will help him learn to walk, and take another step toward more independence. You can read Hudson's story here.

There are some great ways to contribute. Paper-craft challenges are running; for a small entry donation, you're eligible to win some great prizes. Some very talented crafters have donated their time and creativity to make tutorials which contain great ideas and are good value. Here's a sneek peek of the punch art one:

PLEASE take a minute to visit the Helping Hudson website and help if you can.

Thanks for looking,

Love from Crafty Kim

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A welcome card for Baby Jack

Back in January, my family was blessed with another dear baby boy, Jack. Born to my brother and his wife, I am very lucky to be his aunt. And he is a new cousin for my Ashley. Following is a photo of the two of them. Unfortunately, I didn't get the timing right...Jack was coming up to a feed and therefore not the happiest chappy but it'll give the cousins something to talk about one day :)

I was very slow to make a welcome card for Jack but was happy with the result. The colour combo of yellow, blue and warm grey along with ribbon and scalloped border works well.

Of course Jack is a bouncing bonnie bubba now, with his newborn phase long gone. He's onto solids and I'm sure he'll soon be on the move.

Love from Crafty Kim