Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Just popping in quickly to show you this cute fella with his baubles. I coloured him up to match the decorative paper and used a jumbo eyelet and ribbon to jazz-it up. Greeting and two punches later, it was done. Voila!

Hope your Christmas-card making is more advanced than mine! Instead of making cards, I've been trying to clear out some household bric-a-brac and I'm on quite a roll. But do you think I can find anyone to take a large box of quality toys? We're not talking incomplete/lost/broken here, but good stuff. These days many charities accept only new items. Our toys just want to be loved and played with. To suit toddlers, a mix of boys and girls stuff. So if you're local to me (North West Suburban Sydney) and can use them, they're all yours. Just email me or leave a comment.

Back to card-making soon; my son finishes his current school year next week and the kids exchange cards and treats so I need to magic up 20+ items real soon.

Love from Crafty Kim


Belinda said...

What a cute card!
There's a lady in Turramurra who collects things for Dalmar and the foster children. We have given them all our baby and toddler things. THey even take bottles and teats. So many of these little ones arrive with only what they are wearing. If they leave the carer to go back with family they take the clothes and toys with them so they have something familiar with them. i can pass on her details to you if you like or I could take them to her for you if you don't find someone else.

Loretta said...

Hi Kim

I just read your comment you left on my blog about your love for papercrafting and for rescue dogs. Hello from the other side of the globe!!!! We don't have a Dog Town either, and like you, we do what we can. So far, we haven't lost a rescue yet but I've been told my time is coming. My heart weeps with your loss of your rescue with cancer.

I look forward to hearing from you again!