Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tip for The "Oops" Factor

Know that sinking feeling you get when you have to move a piece of cardstock, paper or stuck-down embellishment? How to lift it without ripping the underlying visible material?

Some time ago my knowledgeable scrappin' friend, Rachel English, gave me her Lil' Chizzler (Rachel doesn't need it because she doesn't make mistakes). I was very impressed and have been on the look-out for more of them since (now found, at the affortdable cost of $3 each). For those who don't often use tape dispensers and prefer rolls of tape, the Lil' Chizzler is also very useful for peeling the backing paper of double-sided tape off.

More recently, the very talented Marelle Taylor, shared another useful tip for removing or shifting items already stuck-down - Tooth Floss. Simply pull a length of floss out and wrap it around your fingers before easing it under the item to be removed. Gently wiggle and tug until the item is removed. For a demonstration of this technique, click here.

And that's not all Tooth Floss is useful for! Come back soon to see another way I use it. I promise there is no dental hygiene involved.

Hope this helps you with the "oops" factor.

Love from Crafty Kim

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