Saturday, May 15, 2010

School Boy Card

My son, Ashley, changed schools this year, into Year 3 at his new school. Here are a couple of happy snaps from his first day there:

Looking a bit pensive, or maybe just embarrassed by Mum taking photos

Here he's thinking "I've almost made it to the
classroom where the photos will finally end"

In his first week of new school, Ashley turned 8 years old and in keeping with his new school colours, a friend made him a birthday card in the school colours (being red, white and blue) shown at the top of this post.

Now in his second term, Ashley is really enjoying it. In fact, he's coped better with the change than I have! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I'll be making a few more posts about family and friends as I'm now using this blog as an attempt to keep in touch. But there'll still be plenty of paper-craft to be seen so please keep following.

Love from Crafty Kim

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Jacqui said...

Congratulations Kim in recognising the investment to be made in our children's education. Barker College will do you boy proud and he will do them justice as well. Good on you!