Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For The Teacher

My son's teacher recently celebrated his birthday and Ashley was keen for the whole class to celebrate with....cupcakes. 25 banana and chocolate iced cupcakes later I decided to answer the call to use some of this school-days-themed-paper. There really wasn't much to do - the paper did the job for me.

And I decorated the envelope with a old stamp I have which depicts the joy of children's smiles and inside, in keeping with the learning theme, I stamped with a "birthday" definition stamp:

I'm sure the kids' barely noticed the card but the teacher did write a nice note in the homework diary for me :D

Thanks for stopping by to look at my cards.

Love from Crafty Kim

1 comment:

Lynda said...

Awesome card for such an occasion Kim. Glad you got some feedback fm the teacher too. Well done.