Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kids' Easter Craft

My son, Ashley (9 years big), and I made Easter goodie bags for some special little people this year. I decided to keep the chocolate to a minimum because most children I know end up with more chocolate than they can consume. So I filled the bags with Easter novelties from the "$2 shops" (how did we ever exist without these places?) and Peter Rabbit books by Beatrix Potter (a personal favourite - in fact, having a child now, I've got a renewed love for picture books). I also googled to find Easter colouring-in pages to print from my PC.

Being craft designed for kids to do, we used stickers and die-cuts but I couldn't resist some stamping to personalise each bag:

I stamped the above two bags but Ashley wasn't to be outdone, as shown below:

The bags and their contents went over very well. Thanks for visiting today and I hope you and your families had a great Easter break. Back to the real world of work and school tomorrow.

Love from Crafty Kim

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Lynda said...

Gotta love $2 shops Kim. Especially when they help you produce such wonderful gifts!! I am a big fan of their note books too!! I am sure the bags were a total hit...and big thumbs up on the minimal choc factor.