Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some places to visit between my posts


I'm sorry for the infrequent postings to my website. I'm REALLY missing my paper-craft. And hanging out in the crafty cyber-world. But for now, it has to be.

Thanks to those crafty friends who supported my Tupperware party. We had a good night and our plasticware needs are all sorted. But I promised my next post would be a crafty one.

I've made a few cards as June is the busy month of the year for family and friends' birthdays. But I haven't taken photos of many. Let alone uploaded them.

Soooo, before you log off in boredom, I wanted to let you know where you can go for interesting crafty stuff while I'm off at work. My top picks are:

1. **NEW ** Stampin Up! Video Channel. Do yourself a favour and subscribe. Whole days could be spent here.

2. Ryn Scraps. The website of one of my SU! downline, Carolyn Gibbs aka Ryn. Ryn's creations are truly unique and original and I always admire her creativity. She is a multi-talented person, and highly capable girl who I wish well in her current job hunt. If anyone is looking for a new employee, she is well worth an interview.

I've got more suggestions but hubby Bryan awaits a trip to the movies. My little boy is at Nanna's tonight and it is my birthday tomorrow so we're off the flicks.

Love you all later,

Crafty Kim

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Emma Tippett said...

Happy Birthday!