Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cape Peninsula

This is possibly my last post from South Africa for a l o n g time (although I do want to return one day).
We took a day tour to the Cape Peninsula which is at the south-west corner of the African continent.

The scenery really does take your breathe away, especially if you fear heights. It was a clear sunny day and as we sat eating our lunch in the restaurant at Cape Point, a better view we could not have had.

The whole area is a national park and amongst other animals, ostriches roam by the sea.

I learnt that the above ostrich, being of dark feather, is a male. He sits on the ostrich eggs at night and hence he is well camouflaged while the female has grey/brown feathers and sits on the eggs during the day. The females look a bit like emus to my eye.

There are plenty of cheeky baboons in the area. Tourists are warned to lock their car doors as the baboons can open them. This is not my photo but I found it amusing:

Better go, plane awaits.

Love from Crafty Kim

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Michelle said...

Hi Kim!

Hopefully you are safely home now, enjoying the company of your family. Your photos are truly stunning, can't wait to see them all! When you return I'd love to go with you :D see you soon!!