Friday, January 16, 2009

Flight of Angels

Hello from the mighty Zambezi River in Zambia,

Thanks to everyone who has left me comments or emailed me. The internet connection here is slow so I haven't been able to access my email lately :(

But we have arrived safely in Zambia and enjoyed a sunset cruise on the River. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast so there wasn't much sunset to view but we did see several hippos playing and the pace was very relaxing.

I feel like a millionaire here, the Australian dollar buys 3,400 Zambian Kwacha. But it is a relative expensive place for tourists, I think due to its distance from supplies and high government taxes.

We took a walk around the falls today (known by locals as "the smoke that thunders") and got very wet. It was very refreshing and I would have rejoiced in it except for concern over keeping my camera dry. The falls were magnificent and are much wider and taller than Niagara Falls. As expected, I took lots of photos.

The highlight of our morning was the Flight of Angels. I got to sit in the front seat of the helicopter which has floor to ceiling views. It was fun and fast but very worthwhile. It put the whole area in perspective for us.

Tomorrow we are travelling about 30km by road into Botswana to visit Chobe National Park. We will be staying at the Elephant Valley Lodge. I believe internet access is extremely slow from there so not sure when I can post next but you're in my thoughts.

ASHLEY, if you are reading this, I love you and miss you lots. Hugs and kisses to my boy.

Love from Crafty Kim


Tina Dickman said...

Gosh Kim, it looks like you're having the most wonderful holiday - I'm so happy for you :) - Thanks for keeping us up-to-date when you can, can't wait to see more photo's when you get back. Look after your lovely self and come home safe.
x Tina

Michelle said...

Totally AWESOME Kim!! So glad you are having a wonderful time and soaking up all those unique experiences :D We miss you too! Relax and enjoy yourself, wish I was there! Your camera seems to be getting a great workout, glad you're pleased with it - can't wait to oooh and ahhhh over those hundreds of waterfall pics (says she who took far too many pics of boiling mud in NZ... :P)
Take care and most of all have lots of FUN!
xx michelle

Tracey said...

Kim - this is amazing - what a wonderful experience you are having. So glad to read your updates, and can't wait to see more photos when you get back. Stay safe, and ENJOY!
xxx Tracey