Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goodbye to the Animals of Africa

Hello to you all from Botswana,
We've had a great two days in Chobe National Park. Sadly, today was our last day out on safari viewing the wild animals. We've seen just about every animal we came to see so no complaints from me but I wish we could visit again easily.
Many of the animals we have seen have young with them. It is the wet season here is everything is lush green and there are many water holes. So the baby animals have the best chance of survival. Today we saw a baby zebra in Chobe National Park. I decided to include it here since the Plain Zebra (also known as Burchell's Zebra) is Botswana's national animal.
The last animal I saw before we left the park was a Hyena pup. The adults aren't very good-looking but my picture confirms that most babies are beautiful.

The staff at Elephant Valley Lodge have spoiled us while we have been staying here. If only we could get rid of the malaria-carrying mosquitos, it would be perfect. Leanne and I are both looking forward to stopping the malaria prevention strategies soon.
We're off to Cape Town in South Africa tomorrow. We will be staying here.
Talk to you soon from beautiful Cape Town,
Love from Crafty Kim


Angela Sargeant said...

Fabulous Kim! So lovely to hear you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy the rest of your trip. :D

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Hi Kim,
I am loving hearing your stories from overseas, I wish I could do this in the future, the scenery, the wildlife is just fantastic. Have a great time and stay safe.