Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cards for Beagle Rescue (Attention Animal Lovers)

A couple of months ago, I was asked if I would consider making Christmas cards to raise funds for an animal welfare group known as Beagle Rescue. You can learn more about this cause here.

My association with this organisation has been as a foster carer for Beagle dogs in need of a new home. These dogs are generally rescued from death row at council pounds or other animal welfare facilities. I've fostered several dogs and it is very satisfying to see them find their forever homes in happy and safe places, especially the older dogs like Ellie who had a mammary tumour when we took her into care. It made for some very interesting times like when I cared for a 4 month old puppy so thin that he could walk right through my fencing. I still help Beagle Rescue when I can, however, I'm no longer fostering dogs. But I kept a souvenir:

Pictured with my son Ashley and his cousin Ciaran, this is our adopted (versus fostered) tan-and-white boy Beagle, Toby, or as he is frequently referred to, NORTY DOG. I did try to re-home him to a lovely couple with a very pretty girl Beagle but he busted out and tried to come back to me so he was obviously meant to be part of our family.

Sadly, there are too many people out there who don't consider the responsibilities of pet ownership before taking the plunge and the casualties are the animals. So I set out to make some cards to help this organisation. It was quite a challenge since they asked for cards with a distinctly Beagle character. Alas, a too-busy life intervened and I didn't make anywhere near what I had hoped but here's what I have managed:

I've never been one to be able to make cards on mass so these took me some time to complete (I made a few of each design). And you know my motto, never-a-naked-envelope, so each card has a co-ordinating envelope. I had a "light-bulb moment" while stamping and decided to make use of a cute Beagle photo as the main image as an alternative to stamping. I'm happiest with the first card shown, with the blue background. I'm still struggling to like the Glorious Green card (shown last), but I think it's the colour, it's never been to my liking.

I'm hoping if I start earlier, I might be able to make more next year, perhaps with the help of some other animal-loving paper-crafters. As I've said many times before, you can never start your Christmas cards too early.

Thanks for your attention to yet another worthy cause. So many worthy things to fill the day with...

Love Crafty Kim


Rescue Co-ordinator said...

Hi Kim

The cards are lovely and I am sure Maggie will be thrilled with them. Thank you so much for the time you put into them. Hopefully next year there will be some for more of our beagle lovers.

Gwenda, Beagle Rescue NSW

Lynda S said...

Kim you have done an amazing job on all of these cards....even the GG one!!! You have an amazing talent to be able to find the perfect setting for an image. Awesome!! PS...hope the Scrappers day was a success.

Anonymous said...

HI Kim no idea where you get the time to do these cutey doggy cards! soon love Caz x

Kez said...

These are all lovely Kim; that photo of the beagle is so adorable! TFS