Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bula Bula from Fiji

Here's where I've spent some of my time over the last few days. Except it isn't quite this peaceful. Picture instead lots of kids jumping, splashing and thrashing about. I'm not having much luck uploading pictures from my USB stick to the hotel computer so am making do with the picture perfect travel brochure.

We've kept busy, holidays with kids aren't the same as "bc" are they? But I've sampled my first cocktail ever (Flirtini) and found another favourite (Splice of Life). I also tried the local drink, Kava, which left my tongue numb (briefly).

We visited a local Fijian village yesterday and the children were very friendly and happy to receive gifts of school supplies, books, balls and sweets from us tourists. We've also been horse-riding on the beach and this morning, some of us went para-sailing (I declined - someone needed to mind the young children - and, I went about 20 years ago in Bali, once really was enough for me). Tonight we are going to treat ourselves to a fire-dancing show.

One of the reasons for the trip was to attend a beach ceremony where our friends, Tiffany and Chris, re-affirmed their wedding vows made ten years ago to the day. Their four kids were present, with their two daughters, dressed up beautifully, as their attendants. The beach setting, with waves lapping at our feet certainly made for a very relaxed time.

I visited Fiji last when I was 10 years old and so, not surprisingly, many things have changed but the sincere friendliness of the Fijians remain. Anyway, I need to go and enquire about a ride in a glass bottom boat so the littlies can experience the underwater experience while their fathers go diving. Must squeeze in my massage as well...the days go fast. I knew I should have booked us in for longer ;)

Hope to be back with some cards to show you if I can get my USB or email to work!

Love from Crafty Kim

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