Monday, September 15, 2008

Off Topic , but I couldn't resist...Fawn and Beagle

I know it has nothing to do with paper craft but I couldn't help myself. For those of you who know me well, this post will be no surprise. Animals are a great love of mine and I am so lucky to have lots of them in my life, including my Beagle dogs, Holly and Chloe (currently napping in their bed).

Through my Beagle associations, I was sent this picture from North America. Apparently the owner of this Beagle dog came home to find that someone had followed him home, right through the doggie door. The local Department of Natural Resources told the Beagle owner to put the fawn outside and block the doggie door so he couldn't return. He took the fawn to the edge of the woods where he believes he might have met the dog. Upon return a little later, the fawn was gone. We can only hope he was reunited with his mother.

Okay, back to paper-craft. Thanks for indulging me.

Love from Crafty Kim


Michelle said...

Thanks for telling me this story yesterday Kim, how lovely! I hope the fawn found his or her proper mummy, but it looks right at home there with the doggy substitute!

Emily said...

Wow...amazing pic!

I tagged you on my blog, so you're it!